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The world of vending or automated retail is facing a crucial challenge: modern times! As of today, this industry relies on outdated legacy IT infrastructures, and is still operating like in late 90’s: that means a gap of 20+ years.


Yes, everyone. Because in today’s fragmented landscape, the only way to ensure success in the vending machine industry is to work all together and share knowledge, efforts, and revenues.


2022 technology + our team of required skills, industry know-how, and valuable partnering and networking is the right combination to make it happen, go for digitalization and shape the future of industry.


As for the Swiss flag, this is a big + . Being independent means securing the authenticity of an unbiased solution made available to all, and emphasizing the need for a shared, harmonized and standardized virtuous ecosystem.

Main benefits

A "common ground" for all players

Currently there is no interoperability based on open standards, very fragmented hardware components, outdated and expensive payment solutions, and a profusion of operational frictions in terms of high running costs and inefficiencies.

We are convinced this is the perfect time to transform this 20-year gap in 20 years of earnings and margin recovery and improvement for all stakeholders involved.

A "common ground" for all players

Leveraging manufacturers heavy IT infrastructure

Connectivity has a price. And ensuring 24/7 high quality IoT communication, storage, dashboard features, and operation-level capabilities requires huge investments.

Either from scratch or out of an existing proprietary cloud infrastructure, we support all machine makers and help them harvesting and perpetuating additional revenues thanks to our harmonized and standardized solution. And VEETAMINE integration can be achieved at no extra effort or cost on manufacturer’s side.

Leveraging manufacturers heavy IT infrastructure

"Plug n Play" payments integration

(with your existing setup)

Since we are not a payment processor or a PSP (Payment Service Provider), and we don't want to be, we solve all payment features and local market requirements by "bridging" the already existing solution.

In this way, the machine operator keeps full control of the payment ownership but, at the same time, enables seamless integration of their payment capabilities to VEETAMINE.

"Plug n Play" payments integration

A single App to engage with the end-consumer

Our white-label approach ensures a unique way to interact with the person who matters most: the consumer.

“1 solution does it all” for all operators and all machine makers make it possible to communicate directly one to one with the consumer, through our app and at the point of sale.

A single App to engage with the  end-consumer

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