Key features

Maximize Efficiency and Savings with Our Cutting-Edge Features

Sales and Transactions Made Effortless

We understand the challenges of managing vending machines. That's why we offer comprehensive transaction and sales data in near real-time, with a 5 min time offset. Easily filter and organize the data globally or by specific machine details to simplify your operations.
Sales and Transactions Made Effortless | VEETAMINE

Machine status - Monitor Every Detail

Access comprehensive component, log, and hardware statuses for each connected machine with VEETAMINE.
Machine status - Monitor Every Detail | VEETAMINE

Maintenance Made Easy

VEETAMINE enables you to minimize on-site operations by providing remote access to all essential maintenance tasks.
Maintenance Made Easy | VEETAMINE

Effortless Reporting

Simplify client reporting with scheduled automated reports and customizable on-demand reports, all in real-time, using VEETAMINE.
Effortless Reporting | VEETAMINE

Stay Tuned for Updates

Expect exciting new features in 2024. Visit us again soon to explore the latest updates.